Sunday, March 30, 2014

BMW CS - The retro style but modern concept suites well

A designer named david Obendorfer have re-imagine vintage concept of BMW 2000CS. We just love it. By the way, he is not working with BMW .. yet

F1 2014 is much more interesting!

Formula 1 is set to be one of the ultimate lab of every car manufacturer. It had contributed many of current technologies that we used today. Better brake, more light chasis, aero dynamic, carbon fibre; you name it.

But personally, I am not a huge fans on F1 due to the fact it doesn't directly related to me since I used a normal car.

The technology is basically for the rich people:


Engine capacity: 3.0 L, V10


Engine capacity: 2.4 L, V8

Interestingly, F1 announced for 2014 season, all cars must used better environmental friendly engine and restricted to fuel usage


Engine capacity: 1.6 L, V6 with turbo charged

Is it getting weak? No, it will be much more interesting since all teams must have the technology to make their F1 cars more efficient. 

People are looking for less fuel consumption but with better performance. Bigger engine doesn't mean it will have a performance anymore. Volkswagen have proved it.

It is also interesting since we can hear turbine sound from the on board camera on the F1 cars. 

Have a look at the following explanation from the Red Bull team:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tips: Clear Your Car's Headlights

Car headlight is very important especially at night. Lack of light during night drive can cause problems not just the driver itself but to other drivers as well. Now, lets take a few minutes and take a look at your car headlight in front of the car. Thus the glass look like this as picture below?

As you can see, the light from the light bulb itself will be hard to refracted or in other word, the light from the light bulb cant pass trough more than 80% this is because the headlight covers its a bit cloudy and all or in other specific word, yellow haze! 

So is your headlights similar to the pictures above? Well don't you worry. There's a solution for this.

The easiest solution for this is using toothpaste, yes TOOTHPASTE! Don't believe me? let's take a look at the video below on how to make your headlights clearer.

So now you know how to remove the cloudy headlights, or the yellow haze. If your car's headlights have this yellow haze, it is important to remove it asap. This is because the yellow haze become even  worst. Try at your own risk ;)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green-er Racing Like Formula 1 with Formula E

From the early age of car racing, until now what we have seen was many race cars use burnt base fuel, in other word, petrol, diesel and etc.

The new age of fuel source is coming, but will the world be ready with all-electric race series? Well lets found out!

Ever heard about Formula E? no not Formula D or Formula 1 or Formula A but it's Formula E! yes Formula E! which many said that E stands for electricity, yeah this type of racing will based on EV's car version, which 100% powered by electricity! Well take a note that the concept design of Formula E is still the same as Formula 1.

Based on the news, Formula E organizer has started their project and set their schedule to FIA for 2014. It said to be that Malaysia is one of the places for this event!

Remember about one of the post on EV? well these are the people who take it seriously!

Lets watch the video below!

For your information, the EV racers will hit tops at 155 mph, well that's around 249.55 Km/h and will reach 100 Km/h at just three seconds THREE, 3 SECONDS!!! That is just awesome!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Legendary drift battle - Toyota JZX100 vs B234R vs AE86!

Drifting is really awesome! But it is prohibited to drift at public road. So some of you might want to know how is it feels like while drifting a car like a professional!

Well if we cant ride it, we can watch it, some scientist says that the feeling while watching a scene are almost the same as if we on are the person inside the video (except you wont feel the G-force that can  break your neck into two parts or make you vomit)

Lets take a look the experience of professional drivers by the Japanese drifter, the battle between Toyota JZX100 vs B234R vs AE86. The dogfight shows the reaction of the drivers while drifting.  It is one of the best drift battle I have seen

Although the quality is not that good, but I hope you enjoyed it! remember, don't try this on public road. You can first try in a video game (at least) or bring your car to legal battle

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Video: Renault Megane V6 Trophy as Taxi? WTH?

Renault have release a new campaign video called "Challenge us if you can". Renault Megane is the competitor for cars like Volkswagen Scirocco. We love it looks which is more radical and fresh compare to scirocco.

In their campaign, they showed some lucky persons to have a ride with them around Paris with Gymkhana style stunts.

The Megane Trophy V6 is powered by 3.5 Liter V6 which developer 400 hp and all the powers are transmit to a Sadev 6-speed gearbox

But we dont know exactly what are their points since the shopper cant even put her shopping bags. Is it cool? Maybe for Renault fans only ... 


Video: Goodwood's Festival of Speed 2013

Lord March, the founder and the owner of Goodwood estate have shared his tought on the 50th anniversary of Porsche 911

It is a festival where all porsche owners will gathered, meet up and have a good time. The cars are not just for show since some of it will hit a race track as part of Goodwood estate